Since 1981 Lamp Lighter has been providing electrical needs to the South Texas Area. Our vison is to continue to build a reputation as a premier electrical contracting company. We strive to hire the best talent available and support them to achieve their highest potential. We value our relationships with staff and

                                      customers, and take pride in our

                                       accomplishments and success within

                                        the company. We create an ethical

                                         culture that promotes integrity,

                                           honesty, and fairness.



Lamp Lighter has always been a

family owned and run business.  Started by Gamaliel Oliva,

in 1981, he has always strived to include his children and teach them fair and honest business practices.

Gamaliel O.

40+ years experience

Master Electrician


Gabriel O.

17+ years experience

Master Electrician

Owner & COO

Jennifer O.

11+ years with company


Juan H.

6+ years experience


Jose E.

7+ years experience


Kristopher C.

4+ years experience

Crew Leader

Robert G.

2+ years experience

Crew Leader

Arturo A.

17+ years experience

Crew Leader

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